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Weici Spinning Casting Fishing Rod Carbon Fiber Soft Stream Rod 1.32M-1.40M

Weici Spinning Casting Fishing Rod Carbon Fiber Soft Stream Rod 1.32M-1.40M

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1. The handles are all made of natural Myanmar imported golden wood.

2. Each handle has been carved, polished, and coated with a base color and primer, then polished, and painted on top.

3. The entire series uses FUJI-A type guide rings imported from Japan.

4. K-shaped bracket guide eye, anti winding and anti crosswind. Adopting AL CONITE ring with high hardness, light weight and fast heat dissipation, the outgoing line is smoother.

5. Sloping guide ring for faster outgoing speed.

6. High sensitivity front, sensitive detection, not missing every bite.

7. The solid rod body has a refreshing feel, and the toughness and strength of the rod body are much greater than those of the hollow rod body of the same specification. Small bait throwing has a better feel.

8. The front is slightly discolored and painted, and the color will change with temperature and light. The middle and rear waists are wrapped with cross carbon belt technology, improving strength and toughness, and the appearance is more dazzling and cool.

9. The classic UL/POWER L-tone is close to the hand feel and conductivity of a single section.

10. Comfortable grip, short and compact handle with spinning and casting handle for easy handling.

11. Metal bait hanging ring: When changing fishing points or temporarily storing, hang fake bait on the bait hanging ring to prevent it from scratching people or getting entangled on the fishing rod.

12. To avoid damaging the rod body by impact, we will send a protective rod barrel for free.

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