About us

Kalami fishing, the predecessor of the company is a fishing club for more than ten years. The members of the club come from fishing lovers from all over the country, ranging from teenagers to seventies, covering different types of fishing lovers such as lure, sea fishing, rock fishing, ice fishing and traditional Chinese platform fishing.

According to the statistics of China Fishing Association, there are more than 90 million fishing lovers in China. With the increasing popularity of fishing in China, the fishing gear industry is also developing rapidly, and the fishing gear products of Chinese brands are becoming more and more competitive.

In order to promote Chinese brand fishing gear to the world, we established Kalami fishing. We have kept close contact with many Chinese brand fishing gear manufacturers, screened out high-quality fishing gear products, and sent fishing club members to use them for a period of time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the products.

In the case of comparable quality, we will again screen out products with better prices and services, and recommend them to our customers.

Kalami fishing, founded in 2022, is a very young company, but its members are all fanatical fishing lovers. We hope that while promoting Chinese brand fishing gear products, we can communicate and learn from fishing enthusiasts around the world to jointly promote the development of fishing sport.