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ONLINE E Ribbon Fish Handheld Sea Fishing Boat Rod Spinning & Casting Ultra Light

ONLINE E Ribbon Fish Handheld Sea Fishing Boat Rod Spinning & Casting Ultra Light

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1. The whole rod adopts full carbon integrated design, which has the characteristics of lightness, sensitivity and toughness, and it is easier to hold the rod for a long time.

2. When the solid carbon is slightly shaking the bait, the signal is clearer and the perception is fiercer.

3. All FUJI MN series 'A+O" configuration ensures light weight and smoother line outer, with good heat dissipation and wear resistance.

4. The solid carbon rod top is connected to the carbon rod body,just like the combination of the double edge of a sword and the body, sharp and tough, fast as a lightning signal, giving more reaction time.

5. The signal transmission is direct and fast, clearer and more stable than other material, and the slight fish is sharply perceived.

6. STH Forward and reverse cross helix craft. The rod body adopts the forward and reverse cross helix to cope with the torsion force from different directions, and to control the rod with confidence and reduce shaking.

7. While ensuring strong fishing power, it has both flexibility and lightweight feel and the rapid conduction and reaction force make fishing more exciting.

8. Suitable for middle and near sea area floating shrimp hanging, string hook and other fishing methods, such as: string hook fishing hairtail, sea bass etc.

9. Exclusive high-grade baking paint.

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