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CRAN BLUE+ Full Solid Slow Pitch Jigging Fishing Rod Spinning & Casting Fuji SIC Guides + Fuji Reel Seat 14-20kg Drag

CRAN BLUE+ Full Solid Slow Pitch Jigging Fishing Rod Spinning & Casting Fuji SIC Guides + Fuji Reel Seat 14-20kg Drag

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1. 30T full solid blank+outer 40T carbon cloth + KEVLAR fiber:lighter, shock absorption, more stiffening and better resilience.

2. Full solid rod can quicker transmit the bite signal to angler and improve the blank toughness and operation angle; Readjusted structure highly strengthens the blank lightness and stiffness, such as upgraded rod taper, decreased 30T carbon cloth ratio and increased 40T carbon cloth ratio. Besides, the overall length is reduced to lighten the rod without affecting the operation. Kevlar fiber increases the rod toughness to effectively resist multi-angle impact and reduce the shock force of blank resilience.

4. Full solid blank has the advantages of high sensitivity, resilience, strength and large operation angle.Compared to hollow tip, the solid one Is more slender, but with better conductivity and toughness. It helps to clearly master the underwater situations and effectively transmit the bite of fish. The upgraded blank is equipped with higher tonnage carbon cloth to reduce the weight.

5. KEVLAR (one of bulletproof fiber), a strong synthetic fiber, covers the rod blank to make up for the brittleness of carbon fiber, improve the blank toughness and effectively resist to multi. angle Impact and reduce the shock force of blank silence. All guarantee excellent sensitivity, lightness and stiffness, at the same time, balance the toughness and high resilience.

6. Reinforced blank resilience. The resilience is better: the tip can start the jig at the first moment of operation and a small pull can drive the jig. The rod is stiff, and it is easy to control the bait.

7. Adopted FUJI SIC guides + FUJI reel seat. Lighter and better FUJI SIC guides and FUJI reel seat provide better heat dispersion and durable service.

8. Uncommon slender rod blank. The rod blank is more slender, but with superb stiffness, resilience, toughness and sensitivity.

9. The strong and resilient blank guarantees various operation. No matter shaking the bait or pulling the fish,the blank with high strength and toughness is strong enough to support multi-angle operation.

10. Special action designed for slow jigging. The blank and action are actually designed for slow jigging: it can give the jig a lifelike behavior better keep the fish caught and not easy to escape.

11. Three color metal rings for different models. Different grip metal rings are easy to distinguish between models.

12. Cyan blue+ series of complete models from ML to H can meet the requirements in different regions and can be widely used in the sea of China and even the whole world.


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